We often imagine forts as either old or dull, perhaps even both. But if you’re planning to explore the best attractions in Maryland, make sure not to miss checking out the star-shaped fort of Baltimore.

Wandering around Baltimore won’t be complete without a visit to Fort McHenry. This beautiful coastal star-shaped fort became popular during the war of 1812 in which Gen. Samuel Smith played a significant role. If you have a thing for beautiful and unique structures, this fort ought to be explored. It is one of the most popular attractions in Maryland.

Fort McHenry garnered a 4.5 rating out of 5, meaning it is highly regarded by visitors as a must-see place.

All About Retro Games For The Gaming Enthusiast Are you that type of person who is enthusiastic about the retro game age? Are you wanting to know and get details on the most popular retro games ever made through the ages? This article presents details to the most popular and stunning retro games ever made for players to enjoy. There are some retro games that were constantly played during the ages before, and some of them even earned remakes so that millennial gamers can experience how to play with them, but there are some that only lasted since before and are never played before but are considered as part of the retro gaming archives. However, it should be noted though that not all of the games that went past existence have to be forgotten because many of them are great and this article seeks to retell the great things and moments about those retro games. Here are some of the most remarkable retro games that have transcended ages and times.
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Frogger – Developed in 1981 by a popular gaming company, Frogger has always captured the thrills and the excitement of gamers as frogs had to be brought home safe from all the busy streets and river hazards that come while the game is being played. The Frogger coin-up is played with more than just one CPU and regarded as one of the first ever developed.
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Space Invaders – No gaming enthusiast cannot know about the popular and classic arcade type game known as Space Invaders that Tomohiro Nishikado developed, one of the most exciting retro games ever made through the ages. Released in 1978 and originally made and sold in Japan, the game was quite popular during that day. Later on, Space Invaders also invaded American audience after a separate company was able to get a license to have it distribute in the other part of the globe. Space Invaders is among the reasons why the young people before were locked in their room and concentrating on defeating a wave of aliens on space using a laser gun, and parents can only hear the swishing sound inside their rooms. It has been said the Space Invaders laid down the basis of the entire shooting gaming genre because of its huge success. Star Wars – Gaming enthusiasts will always make sure they have a Star Wars game in their collection, as history dates back an early version of the game in 1983. First introduced during the retro game age, the gaming version of the popular film series has been regarded as a cult game that has produced a huge number of followers even until today. The Star Wars game is a first person space simulation game that lets you get through the attack of the Death Star, as inspired by one film of the Star Wars series released in 1977.

Why You Should Consider Buying In Online Video Game Stores Doing weekly trips to a video game store for a number of people is a routine that you might never have to think twice doing. But these days, with all the technology surfacing around us, it has not been a surprise to know that it’s possible to buy from an online video game store. The benefits of such technology are quite a lot and it’s hard to condense them to one list. On the other hand, I have compiled the top reasons to why doing weekly trips to video stores are now a thing of the past. Reason number 1. Perhaps, one of the obvious reasons why you want to buy from video game store online rather than to a brick and mortar store is that almost as if the shop is your home. By logging in to your account, it without a doubt beats navigating through traffic and you can almost instantly download the latest games with just a simple click from the mouse. Apart from that, having all the titles at your fingertips just means that you’ll never got to a problem of facing any disappointment when one shop runs out of stock with new game release. Online source can simply ship you the game or provide you with download link that offers unlimited resources.
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Reason number 2. When you take the costs of operating a store out with part time and full time employees and use it to upgrade to an efficient database, there’s a lot of money that can be saved actually. Moreover, the money that has been saved may be translated to savings on customers. You will see that it’s gradually adding up by ordering or downloading online and most of the time, you will be able to 50 percent off in-store prices if you opt to buy video games online.
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Reason number 3. Maybe this one will if you’re still not convinced to buy online on video game stores. You are likely to have the best support online and the online support teams for these video games are much better in comparison to in-store staffs. The reason why this happens quite a lot of time is the fact most of the staffs in a local video store is inexperienced teens. You’ll be assisted by a trained and passionate professional who know about their stuff if you buy online. Even if you have some worries on receiving your orders through mail or via instant download, rest assure that there’s going to be a staff member who’ll be guiding you whenever you need help or have some questions. These are the things why there are more people who prefer to buy from online video game stores.