Car restoration is one activity that will leave you with the utmost sense of accomplishment. It is an activity that demands dedication, time and money. Fords and Chevy’s are the two models that are the easiest to start with as there are always parts available as the need arises.

Before any car restoration you will need to arrange your shop for the the task. Gather the supplies needed such as a camera, a few cardboard boxes, a sharpie and some tags for labels. It is important to keep track of the parts that are taken off sooner rather than later. When it is time to start taking the car apart you need to know what needs to be replaced and what needs to be repaired. This organization method will ensure you are not wasting parts at any time during the car restoration process.

Take inventory of the parts as you pull them off by separating them into two individual cartons labeled replace and repair. Take pictures of them as you do this so you know what the car will look like, before and after. This process will also help you in estimating how much money you will need and how long it will take you to finish the project.

Once you have your parts removed you can start the cleaning process. The cleaning process of the car restoration entails the car be reduced to bare metal. This can be done through several methods although you will need to find one that you feel the most comfortable with. The easiest method by far is to have the car dipped in acid. This removes dust, rust, and other foreign materials.

You will be able to view the damage the car has been through once it is stripped. You very well might find rust holes, damaged floorboards, and dents. But do not despair! Even if the car didn’t look very bad when you purchased it you need to that this car has had a had a event-filled life. You want to extend it’s life right? So get busy and take that Sharpie to mark all the things that either need replacing or repairing.

It is time to mend all those dents, holes, and other areas to get set for sanding. You will use several grades of sandpaper throughout the sanding procedure starting with 36 to 80. Once you have finished this step you are now ready to apply the glazing. Begin with 220 wet grit sandpaper and proceed to 800 wet grit sandpaper. This will leave your car with a hazy mirror image and also offer a preventative measure against scratches.

Your car restoration is complete! You are now ready to show off your beautiful car to the neighborhood with well earned pride.

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Most of us know people who would like to throw any excuse for not caring for their cars. One reason might be financial inability; they say that can’t afford to restore it and they simply leave it unattended just seeing it rusting in their back yard. After some years of continually increased rust development, the time has finally come for sending it to the crusher rather than see somebody else caring for it or buying it. “If I can’t have it, nobody else should!” – reflects a nasty attitude that unfortunately is prevailing in some peoples mind. After using the vehicle for years they don’t even care about it or even sell it. Classic car restoration is the ultimate way to give your old classic vehicle a lease of life and give it a new look. If you can you should definitely try to restore it, especially if you are a classic automobile lover.

I have found a few places on the web to help you sell your car, or to buy one of course, but for now I will keep harping on the fact that you should not just let your old classic car rot away. What are the reasons for that, you might ask.

3 Reasons For Taking Care of Your Old Classic Auto

1. The first reason is fairly obvious; they don’t build them anymore, and their getting very hard to find in decent shape, people are always looking for the classic American cars (or Am Cars), and as long as their still around, people from all over the world will never stop looking for them.

2. The second reason is this, if these cars just disappear, we lose out on all the class and style that they have to give us, every one of the old cars has its own look and feel, as well as it’s own style, unlike the new cars, that all just seem to look alike.

3. Here’s the third reason; Let’s say we wake up one day, and all the classic cars are just gone, like the dinosaurs that once roamed the earth, what if we wake up and all the cars just look the same, what a boring life that would be, every one looks like the imports do. All I can say is yuk, don’t ever let it happen. If you have a classic vehicle and do not have an idea of restoring it or if you cannot afford to restore it then better sell it to anyone who is interested in your car. This would help to have it around somewhere in the world. You should avoid though, to look at it as your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I think it would be wiser to think about what you have and the condition that it is in, and do your selling effort accordingly. Keep in mind that most classic car buyers aren’t idiots, and you can’t slip one by them.

If you plan to sell your classic vehicle You can do a simple research on it before you announce it for sale. Honesty is the best; don’t rip off somebody for just wanting your old classic car. If you sell them what they want and nothing else you have done what you can do, unless you want to restore it yourself. There are many quality sites on the web that help you to sell your classic car. Just do a simple search on your favorite search engine, and you will get the information you need and a little bit more.

It’s not a big stretch to think that the economy may be affecting the restoration industry, although I don’t think it has gotten that bad yet, car restoration is such a specialized field of the automotive industry that it usually doesn’t get hurt by the economy.

Over the years I have learned one thing about car restoration, and it’s quite simply the fact that people will always try to find a way to do what they love, and usually nothing will stop them, short of having no money to spend at all.

People love their classic cars, with the economy killing the American car companies more people are looking to fix up their favorite classic cars, and it does take money to do it, like anything else does, but it’s usually not as expensive as buying a new car.

Until the end of time people will love classic cars, and this will ensure that restoration of them will always be around, classic cars are fun for people, they bring back memories of the old days, and they are different form what we have now.

You can have a lot of fun with your classic car rather it’s a daily driver, or a show car, you’ll need to make up your mind on what suites you the best, they can be great family projects, and car bring you family and friends together.

The time and money expense can be huge, it will all depend on the extent that you take your restoration project to, anything is possible, you can put the latest braking systems, engine technology, and electrical systems in the car.

It can be a completely new car car in a classic car wrapper, we all love the new technology that is offered these days in the new cars, it’s possible to put any of that new technology it to a classic car, and then it’s the same as having a brand new car.

You need to think of how it all fits in to your budget before you get started, plan it out carefully so you can get it done the way that you envision it, you might as well get exactly what you want when it’s done, and it will be a lot of fun.

Chances are that you’ll never see another classic car that is built the same way that yours is, chances are that your car will always be a unique individual in the classic car world, so let’s build a classic car, or truck guys, let’s have fun, and let’s enjoy it.

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